VPS Database Replication – Protect your Mysql & MongoDB replication

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Long time no write a new post, I’ve been busy with new projects. In one of them a new callenge appeared…. The infraestructure consisted in two VPS hosted in different datacenters without private comunication, and with the necesity to configure a secure replication for Mysql and MongoDB. The best solution that came to my head […]

Install & Configure MySQL Cluster (Pacemaker, Corosync, DRBD, Stonith)

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Ok, after explain how install and configurate drbd and vmware stonith, it’s the moment to start a new project mount a MySQL cluster. The Concept The concept of an active/passive fail-over Cluster is the following: Two servers (nodes). They communicate over a cluster software (Heartbeat, Corosync, OpenAIS) They are running on DRBD failover storage system. MySQL is only running in MASTER […]

Instalación Web desde SRC

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Este manual lo creo como ayuda a la hora de instalar Apache + PHP desde código fuente, ya que es muy fácil hacerlo con “apt-get o aptitude” pero aveces algún módulo falla, o simplemente prefieres hacer la instalación desde un punto de vista más controlado, sabiendo lo que vas a instalar exactamente así como en que rutas […]