Clean Oracle Data Pump Jobs

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Occasionally we need to kill a long running Oracle import jobs ,we do it using kill -9 the job finish but this kill doesn’t completely kill the job and locks up the underlying db objects, increasing the tablespace for the user that ran the job. To resolve this, you need to run the impdp utility and kill the […]

Install & Configure MySQL Cluster (Pacemaker, Corosync, DRBD, Stonith)

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Ok, after explain how install and configurate drbd and vmware stonith, it’s the moment to start a new project mount a MySQL cluster. The Concept The concept of an active/passive fail-over Cluster is the following: Two servers (nodes). They communicate over a cluster software (Heartbeat, Corosync, OpenAIS) They are running on DRBD failover storage system. MySQL is only running in MASTER […]

Vmware Stonith for Linux Cluster

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In this new post I’ll splain how install and configure Vmware Stonith for a new Linux Cluster. For all the people that don’t know what’s Stonith, this is the explanation by Wikipedia: STONITH (“Shoot The Other Node In The Head” or “Shoot The Offending Node In The Head”), sometimes called STOMITH (“Shoot The Other Member/Machine In The Head”), […]

IBM – Multipath for Oracle

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Recientemente donde trabajo hemos tenido que configurar el Multipath para nuestras BD físicas. El MPP sirve para acceder por doble camino a las cabinas de almacenamiento que contienen los discos de la BD, usando para ello cualquiera de las dos controladoras conectadas al servidor. Solucionando un punto de fallo bastante delicado, ya que ¿que pasaría […]