IBM System Director – Installation with Oracle Database

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In this post I’ll explain how install IBM System Director with Oracle remote database. For everybody that don’t know what is IBM System Director, here the official IBM description: What’s this? IBM Systems Director® is the platform management backbone to achieve Smarter Computing. An integral component of the IBM Smarter Systems portfolio, IBM Systems Director […]

Clean Oracle Data Pump Jobs

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Occasionally we need to kill a long running Oracle import jobs ,we do it using kill -9 the job finish but this kill doesn’t completely kill the job and locks up the underlying db objects, increasing the tablespace for the user that ran the job. To resolve this, you need to run the impdp utility and kill the […]

DBD+DBI with Basic InstantClient

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En esta entrada voy a explicar como instalar los módulos para conectarse a una BD Oracle teniendo un Instanclient como base, estos módulos podrán servirnos para realizar chequeos de Nagios a una BD 10g o 11g (check_oracle_health), en un post anterior explique como configurar el isntanclient con tnsping. Ahora vamos a suponer que es una instalación nueva.