Integrate Nagios with JIRA

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Hello to everybody and welcome to other sysadmin tip. In this case I’ll explain how integrate the Monitor System Nagios with the issue tracking JIRA, the idea is that when a CRITICAL problem occur in some monitoring system, the Nagios server create a JIRA issue with the description problem.

Puppet Enterprise How to

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Hello Sysadmin colleagues, recently I read an article about how install and configure Nagios with Puppet. If somebody don’t know what is Puppet the official documentation said: Description Puppet is IT automation software that helps system administrators manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to patch management and compliance. Using Puppet, you can […]

IBM System Director – Installation with Oracle Database

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In this post I’ll explain how install IBM System Director with Oracle remote database. For everybody that don’t know what is IBM System Director, here the official IBM description: What’s this? IBM Systems Director® is the platform management backbone to achieve Smarter Computing. An integral component of the IBM Smarter Systems portfolio, IBM Systems Director […]

Speedy-CGI for Smokeping

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Smokeping una gran herramienta para monitorizar las latencias de los diferentes equipos de nuestra infraestructura, ofrece: Best of breed latency visualisation. Interactive graph explorer. Wide range of latency measurment plugins. Master/Slave System for distributed measurement. Highly configurable alerting system. Live Latency Charts with the most ‘interesting’ graphs. Free and OpenSource Software written in Perl written […]

Nagios Auto-Complete for the Search Box

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Cuantas veces empiezas a introducir el nombre de un Host en el cuadro de búsquedas de Nagios y no recuerdas exactamente el nombre?, o recuerdas solo una parte de él?. En ese momento vendría bastante bien una auto-búsqueda que te mostrara los host con nombre similiar, seleccionando así el host que realmente estabas buscando. Requisitos: […]

DBD+DBI with Basic InstantClient

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En esta entrada voy a explicar como instalar los módulos para conectarse a una BD Oracle teniendo un Instanclient como base, estos módulos podrán servirnos para realizar chequeos de Nagios a una BD 10g o 11g (check_oracle_health), en un post anterior explique como configurar el isntanclient con tnsping. Ahora vamos a suponer que es una instalación nueva.